• Do Turkish doctor speak English?

    Yes, they do. If you feel the need, our team will provide a professional translator to accompany you at all times.


  • What kind of pre-medical examinations must I before hand?

    The type of medical data needed depends on the treatment you seek. It is essential that you provide us with all avaible relevant information so the doctor can assess your case most accurately. You will advised about an additional examination that may be required before your arrival in İstanbul

  • How long should I stay for my treatment?

    Depending on your surgery and particular case yo will remain in the hospital for a period of time so the post-operative treatment can take place and your recovery progress will be monitored.

  • What if I need additional treatment than what was planned?

    Please be aware that in the very unlikely situation during the course of the medical treatment, examinations or interventions. You will be promptly informed about their nature and any potential cost.

Arrangment of your travel

  • How long in advance do I have to book my treatment?

    As soon as you have an available date, please proceed with reservation promptly. Early booking permits the best planning of your medical travel.

  • Where should I stay?

    According to your case, you may suppose to stay in hospital or hotel for the recover with your family. In advice it may be more economical and safe if you give confirmation our team to arrange your hotel reservation.


  • How do I pay for treatment and other services?

    We prefer a payment via an on-line transfer to the bank account .

Additional Question

  • If you have any further questions please contact us and we will respınd you as soon as possible.